CodeQL is the engine that powers GitHub code scanning, used by more than 100,000 repositories to catch security vulnerabilities before they cause issues in deployments.

CodeQL is fully integrated into the Pull Request workflow, so it has to be as fast as possible to keep developers unblocked.

We're constantly working on performance improvements, from incremental optimizations to fundamental research, all with the goal of speeding up the nearly 150,000 checks we run every single day, without compromising our best-in-class precision and low false-positive rate.

With the recent release of CodeQL version 2.12, we looked back at the performance gains compared to version 2.11 (September 2022) to see how far we've come. We compared the analysis time for the same 55,000 repositories on and found an average improvement of 15.7% across all supported languages:

codeql performance 2 11 2 12 improvement

Users on automatically run the latest CodeQL version. Customers on GitHub Enterprise Server can update by following the sync processes explained here.