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Code scanning can be set up not to fail a pull request check

Code scanning can now be set up to never cause a pull request check failure.

By default, any code scanning alerts with a security-severity of critical or high will cause a pull request check failure.
You can specify which security-severity level for code scanning results should cause the code scanning check to fail, including None, by going to the Code security and Analysis tab in the repository settings.

Screenshot code-scanning-settings

This has shipped to and will be available in GitHub Enterprise Server 3.9. Learn more about severity levels for security alerts and Code scanning results check failures on pull requests.

Maintainers of GitHub repositories can now use Category Forms to create templates for their Discussions, which means that users can start new discussions with all the necessary information already included. We hope this leads to less repetitive back and forth conversation with maintainers, as users are more likely to capture all relevant details in their first Discussion post.

Similar to Issue Forms, maintainers can create a discussion template, which will live in .github/DISCUSSION_TEMPLATE/. Each template will map 1:1 with the available Discussion Categories slugs. For example, the template for the “Announcements” category will be .github/DISCUSSION_TEMPLATE/announcements.yml. Once created, Category Forms in Discussions will be familiar to users who have seen them in issues:

Learn more about Category Forms
For questions or feedback, please visit our community.

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