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Secret scanning can now push protect enterprise-level custom patterns

As of last month, GitHub Advanced Security customers can enable push protection for push protection for any custom pattern defined at the repository or organization level. Now, customers can also protect patterns that they've defined at the enterprise level.

👋 We just finished releasing the last feature update of the year for Projects. It was relatively light, mainly composed of bug fixes and minor improvements to some of our Private Beta features.

Since this is our last push to production for 2022, we wanted to take the opportunity and reflect on all the improvements shipped during this year – and boy, there were many of them! Along with General availability (GA) of Projects in July we delivered 210 feature releases 🚀. It’s been a year of listening to what you need to stay focused on code – and delivering on those requests.

Projects 2022 wrapped 210 features

Let's look at some of the highlights:

  • We adapted the Project’s side-panel to keep issues front-and-center. Quickly read and leave comments, edit fields and react to issues and comments without leaving a project view.
  • We simplified bulk adding issues to a project; you can expect to see more in 2023 as we make this process even sleeker. We also know you don’t need closed issues cluttering your views or the labor of manual archiving. GitHub’s solution: automated archiving.
  • Productivity is all about improving micro-actions, so we also shipped branching your code directly from an issue – to get code and context tied together quickly.
  • Want to keep up with changes to your Projects? Projects webhooks transmit events for any action taken on project items within your organization. But we didn’t stop there; the Projects GraphQL API was launched mid-year.
  • We also help you to collaborate with your team from anywhere, anytime. If you haven’t already, join the GitHub Mobile Public Beta and make quick edits to your projects and issues while you’re on the go. For those collaborating in Slack: this year, we enabled you to create, track, and manage your GitHub issues directly from your favorite channel (learn more).

We also did a fair amount of polish and 🐛 bug fixing along the way, as you can see by this chart.

Bug fixes 2022

Our momentum was palpable at Universe 🪐 as we announced initial iterations on tasklists and roadmap. We have started the Private Beta rollout on these features and look forward to your feedback as you use them in the new year.

As the home of all developers, we strive to provide you with planning and tracking experiences that are adaptable, fast, and close to your code. We had a great 2022, and we want to thank you for all your feedback and support. For 2023, we already have an exciting roadmap planned, and the team is energized to bring it to life.

See you all after the Holidays 🎄.

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You can now view (GET) the security feature enablement status for all repositories in your organization using the "list organization repositories" endpoint in the REST API for the following security features:

  • GitHub Advanced Security
  • Secret scanning
  • Push protection

Previously, you had to retrieve a list of repos and call the "get a repository" endpoint for each repository ID to accomplish this task.

This change is intended to make it easier to audit enablement status for compliance purposes and for those customers who build external dashboards.

Learn more about the "List organization repositories" REST API and send us your feedback

Learn more about GitHub Advanced Security

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