We've shipped improvements to the billing pages for GitHub Advanced Security so it is easier for you to see how many licenses you are using.

  • You can now see how enterprises and organizations are using licenses in the summary tiles.
  • You can download a CSV report for each item in the billing table so it is easier to report on license usage.
  • For enterprises, the table is sorted by the number of unique committers in each organization, so it is easy to see where GitHub Advanced Security licenses are used.
  • If an organization chooses to disable GitHub Advanced Security on a repository, the confirmation popup now informs you how this would impact your overall licenses usage.

Enterprise and Organisation GitHub Advanced Security usage

This is available on the GitHub Advanced Security section on the enterprise's billing settings page enterprise-name/settings/billing and the organization's code security and analysis settings page organization-name/settings/security_analysis.

This has shipped to GitHub.com and will be available in GitHub Enterprise Server 3.9. Learn more about the GitHub Advanced Security billing.