The deprecation date for the CodeQL Action v1 is shifting. Initially, this was December 2022, and now it is January 2023. This change follows the updated timeline on the deprecation of GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES) 3.3.

In January 2023, the CodeQL Action v1 will be officially deprecated (alongside GHES 3.3). GitHub Action workflows that refer to v1 of the CodeQL Action will continue to work, but no new analysis capabilities will be released to v1. New CodeQL analysis capabilities will only be available to users of v2. For more information about this deprecation and detailed upgrade instructions, please see the original deprecation announcement from April 2022.

All users of GitHub code scanning (which by default uses the CodeQL analysis engine) on GitHub Actions on the following platforms should update their workflow files:

Environments in which CodeQL runs in CI/CD systems other than GitHub Actions are not affected by this deprecation.