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Security policy highlighted on repository overview

A file in the root of a repository will now be highlighted on the repository overview in the sidebar. For more information, see "Adding a security policy to your repository".

A screenshot of the repository overview page showing the sidebar with a link to the Security policy

GitHub Advanced Security customers using secret scanning can now specify a custom link via the organization level REST API that will show in the message when push protection detects and blocks a potential secret. Admins can use the custom link to point their developers to company-specific guidance on secrets.

Previously, admins could only set a custom link through the UI.

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GitHub verified teachers using GitHub Classroom get access to GitHub’s groundbreaking, browser-based IDE, Codespaces. Teachers can enable Codespaces in GitHub Classroom and then choose it as the preferred editor when creating assignments.

We heard your feedback and from today, students can directly launch existing or new Codespaces from the Open in Codespaces button in readme.

For more information check out our documentation. Your feedback is welcome at our Education Community Forum.

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