Starting today, customers can now enjoy larger runners without any pre-configuration work. GitHub now automatically creates a default runner group configured with four larger runners of our most popular sizes so users can start using larger runners right away.

The default runner group is called "Default Larger Runners" and can be managed by Organization or Enterprise admins. To begin using these runners, simply add the label corresponding to the runner of your choice to your workflow file.

Description Label Image
4-cores Ubuntu Runner ubuntu-latest-4-cores Ubuntu – Latest
8-cores Ubuntu Runner ubuntu-latest-8-cores Ubuntu – Latest
16-cores Ubuntu Runner ubuntu-latest-16-cores Ubuntu – Latest
8-cores Windows Runner windows-latest-8-cores Windows Server – Latest

Note that this change only applies to customers who are onboarded to the beta on October 20, 2022 and later.

Interested in learning more about larger hosted runners? Read the announcement here or sign up for the beta here