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Packages: Consolidated owner and admin role

Previously, the original publisher of a package in GitHub Packages had the owner attribute, which granted them admin privileges for the package. The current package admin role has the exact same privileges.

As of today the two roles with identical privileges are being merged and the admin role can be used as the ultimate authority. By default, both the original publisher and the organization owner will have admin privileges on that package.

In addition to uploading and downloading a package, admins can manage a package, read and write package metadata and grant package permissions.

As part of this change, the owner badge is no longer shown next to the package publisher's username.

Learn more about permissions for packages

Enterprise owners can now configure whether repository administrators can enable or disable Dependabot alerts.

If you are owner of an enterprise with GitHub Advanced Security, you can now also set policies to allow or disallow repository administrators access to enablement for:

  • GitHub Advanced Security
  • Secret scanning


Learn more about enterprise policies for code security and send us your feedback

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You can now hide individual Achievements.
Navigate to Achievements on your profile sidebar and click on an achievement to get started. Once in the detail view, the eye icon will indicate the current visibility of the achievement. Click on the eye icon to hide the achievement. When hidden, they are only visible to you.

You can still opt out of Achievements as a whole in your Profile Settings.

For more information, see Changing the visibility of Achievements. If you have any feedback to help us improve Achievements, be sure to post it in our discussions forum.

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