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GitHub Sponsors: Fiscal host support for user accounts

Today, we're adding support for users to create a GitHub Sponsors profile and choose to receive sponsorship payouts via a fiscal host. This will give maintainers more flexibility and choice in how they receive funding. This has already been possible for organizations creating a GitHub Sponsors profile, and that remains unchanged. Users and organizations can still choose to use a Stripe Connect account instead of a fiscal host if they prefer. Learn more about signing up for a GitHub Sponsors profile using a fiscal host.

GitHub Mobile can no longer connect to GitHub Enterprise Server 3.1. To enable connections from GitHub Mobile to GitHub Enterprise Server, a site administrator must upgrade to GitHub Enterprise Server 3.2 or later. Newer versions of GitHub Enterprise Server improve performance, enhance security, and provide new features. For more information, see "GitHub Enterprise Server releases" and "Upgrading GitHub Enterprise Server."

Read more about GitHub Mobile and send us your feedback to help us improve.

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