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Deprecating Learning Lab

As previously announced in June, Learning Lab is now deprecated in favor of GitHub Skills. Learning Lab's course repositories have been archived as of today. You'll continue to have access to any repositories you own that were created using Learning Lab.

If you've used Learning Lab, we recommend trying a GitHub Skills course for the latest content and an updated learning experience backed by GitHub Actions.

At the organization level, you can now view (GET) and update (PATCH) enablement status as well as configure the setting to automatically enable new repositories for the following GitHub security products:

  • Dependency graph
  • Dependabot alerts
  • Dependabot security updates

If you are a GitHub Advanced Security customer, you can also view and update the same settings for:

  • Secret scanning
  • Push protection

In addition, GitHub Advanced Security customers can view and update the enablement status for GitHub Advanced Security at the organization level.

Learn more about the organization REST API and send us your feedback

Learn more about GitHub Advanced Security

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Previously, we announced a change to how <num> parameters work for autolink references, switching from numeric to alphanumeric IDs. We heard from a number of customers who still need numeric identifiers. Now when creating an autolink reference, you can use an alphanumeric or numeric identifier.

Screenshot of Autolink references

Autolinks are available in repositories with GitHub Pro, GitHub Team, GitHub Enterprise Cloud, and GitHub Enterprise Server. For more information, see GitHub's products.

Learn more about autolinks at Configure autolinks in the GitHub documentation. We appreciate feedback on this and other topics in GitHub's public feedback discussions.

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