Actions runner support for Apple silicon hardware, such as the M1 chip, is now generally available. This provides teams with the capability to run self-hosted macOS workflows in a macOS ARM64 runtime. Now the Actions runner supports M1 and the ARM64 runtime meaning developers can run it on their own M1 or M2 hardware.

Based on initial testing, there are currently two issues to be aware of:

  • macOS ARM64 does not support node12. Therefore, the runner will automatically use node16 to execute any javascript Action written for node12.
  • All actions provided by GitHub are compatible with the runner except for a known issue with setup-python. The fix for that can be tracked here.

For additional information on how to set up a self-hosted macOS ARM64 runner, please refer to our documentation. If you have any feedback or questions for Actions self-hosted Apple silicon support, you can submit an issue in the runner repository.