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GitHub Pages: Custom GitHub Actions Workflows (beta)

You can now deploy to a GitHub Pages site directly from a repository using GitHub Actions, without needing to set up a publishing source. Using Actions to orchestrate Pages publishing provides many more options for choosing your authoring framework (Next.js, Hugo, Gatsby, Jekyll, NuxtJS or other technologies, and the associated versions thereof) as well as giving you finer control over the publishing process, such as leveraging deployment gates.

We have written several starter workflows for the most common frameworks but also have a “Static“ option if you want to deploy the contents of your repository with no build step.



GitHub Advanced Security customers who are watching a repository's secret scanning alerts will now receive an email notification when a contributor bypasses a secret blocked by push protection. Previously, notifications were not sent if the secret was marked as a false positive or as used in tests.

Learn more about protecting pushes with secret scanning

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Today, we are announcing the general availability of the new and improved Projects powered by GitHub Issues 🎉 🎉 🎉. Since we launched the public beta at Universe last year, we have listened to your feedback and shipped 15 changelogs at a cadence of every two to three weeks.

At a glance, the new GitHub Projects enable you to:

  • Plan, collaborate, and track your work close to your code in one centralized place.
  • Stay organized with custom fields and spreadsheet-like table or board views.
  • Keep your eyes on the prize with visibility into done and remaining work to ship.

Learn more about the breadth of capabilities of GitHub Projects in our blog post.

As usual, with our Changelogs, we’re bringing even more new functionality updates to the experience.

⏱ Quickly gain access to your recently used Projects

We’ve added a section to the projects index page that shows both recently used projects and projects created by the user accessing the page. These two shortcuts are handy in organizations with a large project count, making it easy to get to projects you frequently visit.

Image 4

👀 Improving permissions management

We’ve introduced a new setting that enables organization owners to toggle the ability to update project visibility to public, giving you more assurance that users won’t accidentally expose sensitive data within a project. 🙌

To enable this setting, organization owners can go to<org-login>/settings/projects and select the checkbox under the “Member privileges” heading below.
changelog - july 27

Use this setting to prevent accidental exposure of sensitive data within a project 🔒💖

✨ Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug where text surrounded by backticks in the Projects side panel failed to render.
  • Made it more explicit that deleting a custom field would permanently delete the data of that field.
  • Improved styling on Project views, improved spacing, and added separators between views.
  • Fixed a minor UX glitch when users switched from one view to another, where issues appear in the table and then are hidden.
  • Searching for a repository when performing an issue transfer no longer requires an exact name match to find target repositories.
  • Bug fix on issue comments previously when creating/editing a comment, then using tab to exit the comment field shortcuts would not trigger until a focus was moved again.
  • Improved fuzzy search for the label picker on issue pages.
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