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Dependency graph adds package metadata for Rust dependencies

The dependency graph now shows additional metadata for Rust dependencies, and listed dependencies link back to the GitHub repositories for the package if available.

Learn more about the dependency graph.

The macOS 10.15 Actions runner image started our deprecation process on 5/31/22 and will be fully unsupported by 8/30/22. To raise awareness of the upcoming removal, jobs using macOS 10.15 will temporarily fail during scheduled time periods defined below:

  • July 21, 12:00 UTC – July 22, 18:00 UTC
  • July 27, 00:00 UTC – July 28, 00:00 UTC
  • August 3, 00:00 UTC – August 4, 00:00 UTC
  • August 15, 00:00 UTC – August 16, 00:00 UTC
  • August 26, 00:00 UTC – August 27, 00:00 UTC

What you need to do

Workflows using the macos-10.15 YAML workflow label should be updated to macos-11, macos-12, or macos-latest. You can always get up-to-date information on our tools by reading about the software in GitHub Actions virtual environments. Please contact GitHub Support if you run into any problems or need help.

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Starting next week, workflow re-runs in GitHub Actions will use the initial run’s actor for privilege evaluation. The actor who triggered the re-run will continue to be displayed in the UI, and can be accessed in a workflow via the triggering_actor field in the github context.

Currently, the privileges (e.g. – secrets, permissions) of a run are derived from the triggering actor. This poses a challenge in situations where the actor triggering a re-run is different than the original executing actor. The upcoming change will differentiate the initial executing actor from the triggering actor, enabling the stable execution of re-runs.

For more details see Re-running workflows and jobs.

For questions, visit the GitHub Actions community.

To see what’s next for Actions, visit our public roadmap.

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