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Code scanning enterprise-level REST API

GitHub Advanced Security customers can now retrieve repository code scanning results at the enterprise level via the GitHub REST API. This new endpoint supplements the existing repository-level and organization-level endpoints.

Learn more about the code scanning enterprise-level REST API and send us your feedback.

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Dependabot alerts will now be easier to prioritize with a new “Most Important” sort. For the alerts repository list view, by default, alerts will be sorted in a way to help you determine which alerts matter most. You will still be able to access additional sort options, like sort by Newest, CVSS severity, and Manifest path in the UI.

This “Most Important” sort considers CVSS score as the primary factor, along with additional factors across vulnerability impact (potential risk), relevancy, and actionability (how easy the vulnerability is to fix). For example, when supported, this sort calculation takes into consideration whether you’re calling a vulnerable function, as well as dependency scope (e.g. if an alert is a devDependency). This calculation will be improved over time.

This functionality will not affect Dependabot pull requests, the org-level list view of Dependabot alerts, or the GraphQL API.

For more information, see our documentation for Dependabot alerts.

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GitHub secret scanning protects users by searching repositories for known types of secrets. By identifying and flagging these secrets, our scans help prevent data leaks and fraud.

We have partnered with Zuplo to scan for their API keys connected to a Zuplo API Gateway, which allows users to add API key authentication to their APIs. We'll forward access tokens found in public repositories to Zuplo, who follow customer preference to either notify their customers via email or automatically revoke the token. More information about Zuplo API tokens can be found here.

We continue to welcome new partners for public repository secret scanning. GitHub Advanced Security customers can also scan their private repositories for leaked secrets and prevent Zuplo keys from accidental leaks with push protection.

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