The repository fork button now displays existing forks

A dropdown has been added to the Fork button to help you quickly find your forks of a repository. This includes forks in your personal account and in organizations that you're a member of.

Example of the "your existing forks" dropdown

This feature was inspired by Refined GitHub – an impressive open source project maintained by @fregante. The feature was requested of GitHub through the GitHub Stars program.

Read more about forking a repository in the GitHub documentation.

We appreciate feedback on this and other topics in GitHub's public feedback discussions.

GitHub is transitioning map rendering services from MapBox to Azure Maps in our Free, Pro, and Team plans. This includes maps embedded in the site file viewer, embedded maps, and maps rendered in markdown. As part of the transition, custom icons and formatting of features in geojson and topojson files will no longer be supported. This change will not impact our Enterprise Cloud instances which will continue to use MapBox for map rendering. Documentation can be found here:

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GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers can elect to participate in a private beta to configure audit log streaming to AWS S3 with OpenID Connect (OIDC). Audit log streaming configured with OIDC eliminates storage of long-lived cloud secrets on GitHub by using short-lived tokens exchanged via REST/JSON message flows for authentication.

If interested in participating in the private beta, please reach out to your GitHub account manager or contact our sales team to make the feature available for your enterprise. For additional information on configuring OIDC, read about setting up audit log streaming to AWS S3 with OpenID Connect.

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