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GitHub Sponsors Explore Updates

The GitHub Sponsors Explore page, which lists your sponsorable dependencies, has been updated with improved functionality. See how many of your or your organization's dependencies come from a single maintainer, how close the maintainers are to their funding goals, group by multiple ecosystems, find maintainers who accept one-time payments and more.

Pull Requests will now load more quickly thanks to deferred syntax highlighting.

When you first land on a Pull Request’s Conversation or Files tab we will show plain text diffs, and then swap in the syntax highlighted versions as soon as they are ready.

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This marks 1️⃣ year since our initial private beta announcement! 🎉

Today's Changelog brings you the ability to bulk add items to projects and GraphQL API improvements!

🪷 Bulk add items

To make it even easier to add your issues and pull requests to a project, we have now added a new way to bulk add issues to your projects.

  • Hit the + button by the omnibar.
  • Select Add item from repository.
  • Pick your repository and get adding.

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🤖 GraphQL API improvements

The projects GraphQL API is now generally available 🎉. With this update, we are announcing:

1) The introduction of new ProjectV2 object and mutations.
2) The deprecation of ProjectNext object and mutations, scheduled for 1st October 2022.

What are the new changes?

We have added a new ProjectV2 object to our GraphQL API to programmatically access a project.

The fields of the project are now available as:

The items of the project are represented by the ProjectV2Item object. It contains a field type to identify the item type – Issue, Pull Request, Draft Issue or Redacted. The values of the item are available under the fieldValues field.

We are also adding the following mutations for updating a project:

Based on feedback that more granular scopes would be useful, we have introduced new OAuth scopes specifically for this update:

  • The read:project scope provides query access to ProjectV2 objects.
  • The project scope provides query access to ProjectV2 objects and access to mutations.

✨ Bug fixes & improvements

Other changes include:

  • Bug fix where @mentions didn't include all users when editing a comment.
  • Ability to open the issues side-panel using the spacebar.
  • Long project titles no longer truncate when there is room to display the full title.
  • Bug fix to resolve a flash that occurs when creating or editing a project view title.

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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