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Dependency graph has a REST API for submitting dependencies detected at build time

Dependency graph now supports submissions through the dependency submission API (beta). This enables you to add dependencies, such as those resolved when software is compiled or built, to the dependency graph. Submitted dependencies will appear in a repository’s dependency graph and any associated vulnerabilities will trigger Dependabot alerts.

Releasing alongside the dependency submission API are the:

Learn more about the dependency submission API.

GitHub Advanced Security customers can now perform dry runs of their custom patterns when editing a pattern. Dry runs allow admins to understand a pattern's impact across an organization and to hone the pattern before publishing and generating alerts.

Admins can compose a new pattern or edit a published pattern then 'Save and dry run' to retrieve results from their selected repositories. Scan results will appear on screen as they're detected, but admins can leave the page and later come back to their saved pattern's dry run results.

For more information:

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