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Users can now add a comment when dismissing code scanning alerts

Users can now add a comment when dismissing a code scanning alert.
Add a dismissal comment to a code scanning alert

It is optional to provide a dismissal comment. Dismissal comments are recorded in the alert timeline. They can also be set via the code scanning REST API when updating an alert, and retrieved through the new dismissed_comment attribute.

This feature is now available to all users on and will be released in GHES 3.6.

Enterprises that use Enterprise Managed Users (EMUs) to authenticate their accounts via Azure Active Directory can now use Azure AD location-based Conditional Access policies to protect the use of PATs and SSH keys. This requires the use of a new OpenID Connect-based application rather than a SAML integration. To learn more, read about enforcing Azure AD Conditional Access for PATs and SSH keys.

Note: this feature is currently in public beta for new and existing Azure AD EMU enterprises.

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You can now download the latest version of GitHub Enterprise Server. This new release introduces GitHub Container registry and continues the strong emphasis on security. Your teams will be able to take advantage of the full complement of Dependabot capabilities and use GitHub Advanced Security with even greater language coverage and better protection for your secrets. You can read a detailed summary of new features for this release in the GitHub blog or you can take a look at all the changes in the release notes. You can check out a few of these highlights:

  • Container Registry, containers supporting OCI, granular permissions and anonymous downloads #118
  • Actions self-hosted runner group restrictions #255
  • Actions re-usable workflows are now generally available! #256
  • CodeQL detects more security issues and supports new language versions #460 Read more

New and of particular interest to administrators:

  • IP exception list for post-maintenance validation #448
  • 41 GitHub Enterprise Server Metrics for insight into platform usage #497 Read more
  • Audit Log now includes git events #322

To learn more about all the new features in GitHub Enterprise Server 3.5, read the release notes or download it today. Are you using the latest GitHub Enterprise Server version? Use the Upgrade Assistant to find the upgrade path from your current version of GitHub Enterprise Server to your desired version.

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