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Default to PR titles for squash merge commit messages

You can now default to using PR titles for all squash merge commit messages. Navigate to 'Settings' in your repository and scroll down to the Pull Requests section. Select Allow squash merging and then select Default to PR title for squash merge commits. You can learn more about how to configure squash merge commits here.

The GitHub Enterprise Server 3.5 Release Candidate is available. New GitHub Advanced Security features are an exciting headline for this release alongside enhancements for enterprise administrators with Git events added to the audit log, the ability to analyze your Server usage over time, and a refinement of maintenance mode control. Read about these features and more in the full GitHub Enterprise Server 3.5 release notes.

Release Candidates are a way for you to try the latest features at the earliest time, and they help us gather feedback early to ensure the release works in your environment. They should be tested on non-production environments.

Download it today.

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