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The new GitHub Issues – May 5th update

Today's Changelog introduces several updates to the projects (beta), including the highly requested side-panel, and other improvements!

💥 Direct editing and comments with side-panel

You spoke, and we listened!

This first iteration of the new side-panel in the new projects includes all of the functionality you're used to: editing issue descriptions as well as modifying labels, assignees and milestones.

Directly from the side-panel, you can now…

  • 💬 read and leave comments
  • ⚙️ edit project custom fields
  • 🤠 react to issues and comments with emojis

Check out the projects side-panel by enabling in your feature preview. Once you try it out, we would love to hear your feedback in the corresponding feedback discussion!

Side-Panel GIF

🔍 Improvements to adding items under filtered views

We've improved the experience working within filtered views! Now when you add a new item to your filtered view, instead of disappearing, projects automatically matches the metadata of the new item to the metadata of the row above it.


🤩❤️👀 More Emojis! ✨💥🥳

Coming soon! We've added the ability to access the GitHub emoji picker from anywhere in projects. Once launched, type : into any project text field to check it out.

The GitHub Command Palette (cmd/ctrl+k) now supports commands with multiple options. Type > in the Command Palette and access two new commands:

  • Change tab size rendering – Change your tab size rendering preference on the fly
  • Switch theme – Switch between GitHub themes in an instant

Change the tab size rendering preference using the Command Palette on GitHub

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Previously, the Get repository content REST API endpoint had a file size limit of 1 MB. That didn’t correspond to the Create or update file contents endpoint which has a file size limit of 100 MB. Now, both endpoints have a file size limit of 100 MB. However, requests for file contents larger than 1 MB must include the .raw custom media type in the Accept HTTP header, as shown here:

Accept: application/vnd.github.v3.raw

Read more about GitHub's REST API endpoints for repository contents.

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