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Command Palette multi-step enhancement

The GitHub Command Palette (cmd/ctrl+k) now supports commands with multiple options. Type > in the Command Palette and access two new commands:

  • Change tab size rendering – Change your tab size rendering preference on the fly
  • Switch theme – Switch between GitHub themes in an instant

Change the tab size rendering preference using the Command Palette on GitHub

Previously, the Get repository content REST API endpoint had a file size limit of 1 MB. That didn’t correspond to the Create or update file contents endpoint which has a file size limit of 100 MB. Now, both endpoints have a file size limit of 100 MB. However, requests for file contents larger than 1 MB must include the .raw custom media type in the Accept HTTP header, as shown here:

Accept: application/vnd.github.v3.raw

Read more about GitHub's REST API endpoints for repository contents.

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To further reduce the risk of a user using Actions to merge a change into a protected branch that was not reviewed by another person, the organization setting to disallow Actions from approving pull requests, which was introduced in January 2022, has been extended to also limit Actions from creating pull requests.

The Allow GitHub Actions to create and approve pull requests setting can be managed by admins in organization settings under Actions > General > Workflow permissions.


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