Currently, codespaces are automatically stopped after 30 minutes of inactivity to avoid wasteful resources when they're not being used. Additionally, a default idle timeout can be set for a codespace of up to four hours.

We heard from many organization admins that they want to restrict idle timeouts for organization-owned codespaces as a measure of cost control. With this feature, we've added the ability for administrators to set a maximum idle timeout that applies to organization-owned codespaces. For instance, if the maximum idle timeout constraint is set to 15 minutes, then all organization-owned codespaces will be automatically stopped after 15 minutes of inactivity regardless of the default timeout set by individual developers.

We will continue adding additional policy constraints based on feedback, some of which include setting maximum retention periods, setting allowed container images, and more. We'd love your feedback on additional policies that will help your scenarios on Codespaces discussions.

For more information, see Restricting idle timeouts for organization-owned codespaces