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JD Cloud is now a GitHub secret scanning partner

GitHub secret scanning protects users by searching repositories for known types of secrets. By identifying and flagging these secrets, we help protect users from data leaks and fraud associated with exposed data.

We have partnered with JD Cloud to scan for their access tokens, which are used for cloud computing services. We'll forward access tokens found in public repositories to JD Cloud, who will notify the user by email without making any changes to the tokens. Users can request support for their JD Cloud API tokens here.

We continue to welcome new partners for public repository secret scanning. GitHub Advanced Security customers can also scan their private repositories for leaked secrets.

Dependabot alerts now show if your repository code is calling known vulnerable functions from the dependency's vulnerability. If your code is calling vulnerable code paths, this information is surfaced via a "vulnerable call" label and code snippet in the Dependabot alerts UI. You can also filter for these alerts with has:vulnerable-calls from the Dependabot alert's search field.

Vulnerable functions are curated as part of GitHub's publishing process for the Advisory Database. New incoming Python advisories will be supported, and we're working on backfilling known vulnerable functions for historical Python advisories. After beta testing with Python we will add support for other ecosystems. Keep an eye on the public roadmap for more information.

This feature is enabled for supported Dependabot alerts on public repositories, as well as on repositories with GitHub Advanced Security enabled.

For more information on what we're shipping, read our post in the GitHub blog.

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