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Sidebar contents (reviewers, assignees, labels and projects) are preserved upon page refresh for unsaved pull requests and issues

When a new issue or pull request is created and not yet submitted, the assignees, reviewers, labels and projects will all be preserved upon page refresh.

assignees are preserved for unsaved PRs and issues

Teachers we have heard your feedback! The GitHub Classroom team is excited to announce the ability to easily reuse an Assignment across Classrooms and/or from semester-to-semester. You dont have to now manually and repeatedly create new assignments using the same template repo.
Using 'Reuse assignment' you can copy an assignment and associated template repo across Classrooms and organizations. The copied assignment will include the Assignment details such as name, source repository, autograding and preferred editor.


These changes will be gradually rolling out over the next week. For more information on how to use this new experience, check out our documentation. Your feedback is welcome at our Education Community Forum.

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You can now require a successful deployment of a branch before its pull request can be merged. This is made possible by a new branch protection setting titled Require deployments to succeed before merging. To enable the setting, create a new branch protection rule for the target branch. Then, select the environments where deployments must succeed before a pull request can be merged, shown here:


This will allow you to ensure code is, for example, exercised in a staging or test environment before it's merged to your main branch.

Learn more about protected branches
Learn more about branch protection rules

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