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Secret scanning: Dry runs for organization-level custom patterns

GitHub Advanced Security customers can now dry run custom secret scanning patterns at the organization (and repository) level. Dry runs allow admins to understand a pattern's impact across an organization and hone the pattern before publishing and generating alerts.

Admins can compose a pattern then 'Save and dry run' to retrieve results from their selected repositories. Scan results will appear on screen as they're detected, but admins can leave the page and later come back to their saved pattern's dry run results. Enterprise-level dry runs will follow shortly.

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Enterprise owners can now prevent organization owners from inviting outside collaborators to repositories in their enterprise. The "Repository outside collaborators" policy includes an additional option, "Enterprise admins only", which restricts the ability to invite outside collaborators only to users with admin permissions to the enterprise. For more info, see "Enforcing a policy for inviting outside collaborators to repositories".

Shows the new option "Enterprise admins only" in the "Repository outside collaborators" policy

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Security Overview at the organization level is now out of beta and generally available. GitHub Advanced Security customers can use Security Overview to view a repo-centric view of application security risks. They can also see an alert-centric view of all Code Scanning, Dependabot, and Secret Scanning alerts, across all repositories in an organization.

Security overview at the organization level

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