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Secret scanning webhooks for alert locations

GitHub Advanced Security customers using secret scanning can now opt to receive a webhook each time a secret is detected in a new location. The secret_scanning_alert_location webhook event includes location details, like the commit SHA, and the associated alert for the detection. A location is created for every new file path containing the detected secret.

Users of Dependabot version updates can now proactively update their dependencies for Flutter or Dart projects which use the pub package manager.

To test version updates on your own Dart or Flutter repo, add the following configuration file in .github/dependabot.yaml:

version: 2
enable-beta-ecosystems: true
  - package-ecosystem: "pub"
    directory: "/"
      interval: "weekly"

Note the package-ecosystem: "pub" and enable-beta-ecosystems: true flags.


Support for pub is in beta, and thus, we are aware of some limitations. For example, security updates are not supported in this release but will be in the future.

Other known limitations:

  • No support for updating git-dependencies
  • If the version found is ignored (by dependabot config) no update will happen (even if, an earlier version could be used)
  • No support for private package repositories

We want your feedback! Please open or vote on a comment in this discussion. You can get help troubleshooting by opening an issue on dependabot-core.

Special thanks to the Dart team for collaborating with us to make this happen.

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The CodeQL runner has been deprecated in favor of the CodeQL CLI. As previously announced, starting March 14th, the CodeQL bundle now no longer includes the CodeQL runner. This deprecation only affects users who use CodeQL code scanning in 3rd party CI/CD systems; users of GitHub Actions are not affected.

GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES)

The CodeQL runner was shipped as part of GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES) versions up to and including 3.3.x. GitHub Enterprise Server 3.4 and later no longer include the CodeQL runner. We strongly recommend that customers migrate to the CodeQL CLI, which is a feature-complete replacement for the CodeQL runner and has many additional features.

How does this affect me?

If you’re using CodeQL code scanning on GitHub Actions, you are not affected by this change.

If you’ve configured code scanning to run the CodeQL runner inside another CI/CD system, we recommend migrating to the CodeQL CLI as soon as possible.
Starting April 1st, changes to both the CodeQL analysis engine and the code scanning API are not guaranteed to be compatible with older CodeQL runner releases.

What actions should I take?

You should configure your CI/CD system to use the CodeQL CLI before upgrading to GHES 3.4.0. When setting up the CodeQL CLI, we recommend that you test the CodeQL CLI set up to verify that the CLI is correctly configured to analyze your repository.

Learn more about migrating from the CodeQL runner to the CodeQL CLI here.

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