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Diffing Adobe Photoshop documents is no longer supported

GitHub can display several common image formats, including Adobe Photoshop documents which have a .psd file extension. However, comparing differences between versions of Photoshop documents is no longer supported.

For more information about displaying and diffing images, visit Working with non-code files in the GitHub documentation.

You can now restrict self-hosted runner groups to only be accessible from certain workflows.

In addition to restricting which repositories can access specific enterprise and organization runner groups, administrators can further control access by selecting specific workflow files and versions. Combining this feature with reusable workflow can help you create more secure standard workflows in your organization.

Workflow access dialog

Learn more about restricting access to self-hosted runners

For questions, visit the GitHub Actions community

To see what's next for Actions, visit our public roadmap

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GitHub secret scanning protects users by searching repositories for known types of secrets. By identifying and flagging these secrets we help protect users from data leaks and fraud associated with exposed data.

We have partnered with Octopus Deploy to scan for access tokens for their cloud-hosted product, Octopus Cloud. Octopus API keys allow users to perform tasks like creating and deploying releases. We'll forward access tokens found in public repositories to Octopus Deploy, who will notify the affected user via email. More information about Octopus Deploy API tokens can be found here.

We continue to welcome new partners for public repo secret scanning. GitHub Advanced Security customers can also scan their private repositories for leaked secrets.

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