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Repository owners can now configure tag protection rules to protect tags in all public repositories and in private repositories on the Pro, Teams or Enterprise plans on GitHub. Once protected by a tag protection rule, tags matching specified patterns can only be created and deleted by users with "Maintain" or "Admin" permissions to the repository. For more information, see our documentation.


We recently announced a plan to sunset deprecated Teams API endpoints over the coming weeks. On March 1, we conducted the first scheduled brownout for 12 hours.

As we gathered metrics and consumer feedback on the brownout, we formed a new understanding of its impact on our consumers and parallel work. Consequently, we are deciding to pause the remainder of the sunset. Instead, we will sunset deprecated Teams API endpoints over a new timeline in the coming months as we invest more deeply into API versioning and our Octokit SDKs.

If you are using a deprecated endpoint under a /teams/:team_id path, we continue to encourage you to switch to the /organizations/:org_id/team/:team_id path. Please refer to the REST API documentation to learn more about supported Teams API endpoints.

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