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Sharing GitHub Actions within your enterprise is now GA

Support for Actions in internal repositories is now generally available for GitHub organizations owned by an enterprise account.

You can innersource automation by sharing Actions in internal repositories, without publishing them publicly.
And then manage the repository settings or use our API support to allow access to workflows in other repositories:

  • In the same organization or
  • In any other organization in the enterprise

Learn more about Sharing Actions and workflows with your enterprise.

On March 16 2022 the OAuth Device Authorization flow will become an "opt in" feature for all OAuth and GitHub Apps. This change reduces the likelihood of Apps being used in phishing attacks against GitHub users.

If you own or manage an OAuth App or GitHub App that makes use of the OAuth Device Authorization flow, you should enable it for your Apps via its settings page:

Enable device flow

The OAuth Device Authorization flow API endpoints will respond with status code 400 to Apps that have not opted in to this feature.

Learn more about the OAuth Device Authorization flow.

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GitHub Enterprise owners can now remove enterprise members from their GitHub Enterprise via the People view within their enterprise account:<enterprise>/people.

To learn more, read about removing a member from your GitHub Enterprise.

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