Today, we’re announcing that the ability to prebuild codespaces is entering public beta. Prebuilding a codespace enables fast environment creation times, regardless of the size or complexity of your repositories. A prebuilt codespace will serve as a ‘ready-to-go’ template where your source code, editor extensions, project dependencies, commands, and configurations have already been downloaded, installed, and applied so that you don’t have to wait for these tasks to finish each time you create a new codespace.

As a part of this release we’ve made improvements to the set-up process for prebuilds, as well as added support for GitHub-managed Actions workflows that will automatically prebuild a codespace for any configured repository’s branch and region(s). Additionally, since prebuild configurations are built on GitHub Actions virtual machines, repository admins will have access to a rich set of logs to help with efficient debugging in case failures occur.

Prebuilt codespaces are available in beta for all GitHub Enterprise Cloud and Team organizations. Repository admins can head over to their repository’s settings page and create prebuild configurations under the Codespaces tab. Once set up, you can take advantage of fast codespace creation by selecting machine types with the ‘prebuild ready’ tag.

Check out the prebuilds documentation to help you get started!