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Secret scanning now supports archived repositories

GitHub Advanced Security customers can now enable secret scanning for their archived repositories via the UI and API.

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This release adds support for viewing fixed alerts to the GraphQL API. This update also adds the ability to access and filter by state, as well as access unique numeric identifier.

The additions include these new fields to a RepositoryVulnerabilityAlert:

  • number
  • fixed_at
  • fix_reason
  • state

And we're adding the ability to filter by state on the vulnerability alert object.

For more information, see Dependabot alerts in the GraphQL API reference.

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We've gotten a lot of feedback from users that it's hard to differentiate multiple codespaces in the same repo, especially if they're on the same branch. To make it a little easier to tell codespaces apart, we've started automatically creating "friendly" (and fun) names for your codespaces.


If you don't like our names, we're also working on the ability for users to re-name their codespaces.

For more information on Codespaces, see "GitHub Codespaces overview".

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