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Redesign of GitHub’s settings pages

Implementation of the Primer NavigationList component and design upgrade to our user, organization, repository and teams settings pages has shipped to all users. The new NavigationList component groups similar settings pages into sections for improved information architecture and discoverability.

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user settings page redesign

You can now offer private repository access linked to a sponsor tier. GitHub will keep the list of collaborators in sync with your sponsors. You could use this for early access, a private Discussion or for sponsors-only access to your projects. Learn more about setting it up in the documentation.

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Since our last update, we have a number of exciting updates to share with you for the new projects experience. Including improvements which shorten the gap between the original projects and our new experience as well as iterating on recent ships, such as iterations and insights, based on your feedback.

🎨 Project descriptions

Providing context on the why behind and instructions on how to best engage with a given project has now become even easier with the addition of project descriptions and READMEs.

Accessible via the settings page or the new side panel on the right side of your screen, the project description provides a short summary of the project while the README offers a Markdown-enabled space for all the additional details your team needs.


🌀 Flexible iterations

We heard your feedback on iterations and now they are even more flexible 🎉. Start and end dates can be edited after creation and iterations can be set to any length – up from the previous limit of 6 weeks.


📊 Insights filters

Project insights continues its alpha roll out and this week we have introduced additional filtering for burn up charts to make it even easier to get to the insights you care about.

Apply filters directly to your insight reports or use the view menu to generate a report based on the filters saved to the view.


Join the discussion to share your feedback and experience with the insights alpha.

✨ Bug fixes & improvements

Other changes include:

  • Outside collaborators can now be added to projects. Outside collaborators who have already been added to at least one repository in your organization will now appear when searching for users in the Manage access settings page.
  • The top right menu bar has been collapsed and additional options have been added including the ability to see the latest Changelog updates and the Docs pages.
  • Bug fix to resolve the creation of duplicate draft issues which could occur when double tapping the enter key.
  • If an iteration start or end date exists in a different year to the current calendar year, the year will now be shown along side the iteration.

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what’s on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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