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GitHub App support in Slack Enterprise Grid

Are you on Slack Enterprise Grid? Do you have multiple Slack workspaces in your organization where you need to use our GitHub app?
If yes, this is a feature for you!

You can now install and manage your GitHub app on Slack Enterprise Grid.
Org owners and Org admins in Slack Enterprise grid can:

  • Install the GitHub app at the org level and choose which workspaces you want to add/remove the GitHub app.
  • Manage GitHub app installations requests from your workspace members.
  • Make GitHub app available in all future workspaces by default.

For more information, visit the GitHub app for Slack.

Get insights on your Discussions community with the new dashboard called Community in the Insights tab. This dashboard gives you a quick way to monitor the following:

  • Number of Discussions, Issues, and Pull Requests open over time
  • Page views of Discussions over time, segmented by logged in vs anonymous users
  • Daily Discussions contributors over time
  • New Discussions contributors over time


For more information, see GitHub Discussions documentation.

For questions or feedback, visit GitHub Discussions feedback.

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You can now reference local reusable workflows more easily. With this release, reusable workflows that are in the same repository as the calling repository can be referenced with just the path and filename: {path}/{filename}.

For example:

    uses: ./.github/workflows/workflow-2.yml

When referenced this way, the called workflow will be from the same commit as the caller workflow.

For questions, visit the GitHub Actions community

To see what's next for Actions, visit our public roadmap

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