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Team member pull request review notifications can be configured independently of auto assignment

The "Only notify requested team members" setting can now be enabled independently of "Enable auto assignment" in the Team's code review settings.

This is useful in scenarios where many users are auto assigned but not all users require notification. For example, when repositories are configured with teams as code owners but contributors know the specific individual to review their pull request. This setting now allows you to require that team for review, but without always notifying the whole team unnecessarily.

Read more about managing code review settings for your team.

You can now specify input types for manually triggered workflows allowing you to provide a better experience to users of your workflow. In addition to the default string type, we now support choice, boolean, and environment.

name: Mixed inputs

        type: choice
        description: Who to greet
        - monalisa
        - cschleiden
        required: true
        type: boolean
        description: Include 🎉🤣 emojis
        type: environment

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

    - name: Send greeting
      run: echo "${{ github.event.inputs.message }} ${{ fromJSON('["", "🥳"]')[github.event.inputs.use-emoji == 'true'] }} ${{ }}"

Learn more about workflow inputs.
For questions, visit the GitHub Actions community.
To see what's next for Actions, visit our public roadmap.

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GitHub Enterprise Cloud standalone organizations paying by invoice may now update to an enterprise account via a self-service flow.

Organization owners may navigate to the organization's billing page and click "Upgrade to Enterprise Account" to begin. There are no changes to licensing agreement or payment terms. In the new enterprise account, every organization owner will be granted the enterprise owner role.

Enterprise accounts allow you to create new organizations, manage policies and users, and provide a single point to manage and view multiple organizations. Enterprise accounts also grant access to features like audit log streaming, enterprise verified domains, and enable cross-organization collaboration via internal repositories.

Learn more about upgrading to an enterprise account.

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