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GitHub Actions: Conditional execution of steps in actions

Actions written in YAML, also known as composite actions, now support if conditionals. This lets you prevent specific steps from executing unless a condition has been met. Like steps defined in workflows, you can use any supported context and expression to create a conditional.

Learn more about actions written in YAML.

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GitHub recently introduced the ability to set an expiration date when creating or regenerating a personal access token (PAT). For a PAT that is authorized to access an organization protected by SAML single sign-on (SSO), the expiration date of that PAT is now available via the GET /orgs/{org}/credential-authorizations API.

Organization administrators can use the following gh command to see the expiration dates of all PATs that are authorized to access their org by authenticating with a PAT that has the read:org scope:

gh api --paginate /orgs/:org/credential-authorizations --jq='.[] | [.authorized_credential_expires_at]'

Learn more about authorizing a personal access token for use with SAML single sign-on.

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