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Audit log streaming beta update – S3 support

GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers participating in the audit log streaming public beta may now use an AWS S3 endpoint when configuring a stream. This will allow tools that support S3 as a data source to more readily analyze the events data coming from a GitHub enterprise account. Learn more

Organizations can now grant teams permission to manage security alerts and settings on all their repositories. The "security manager" role can be applied to any team and grants the team's members the following permissions:

  • Read access on all repositories in the organization
  • Write access on all security alerts in the organization
  • Access to the organization-level security tab
  • Write access on security settings at the organization level
  • Write access on security settings at the repository level

Security manager configuration

Learn more about the security manager role

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Dependency graph now supports detecting Python dependencies in repositories that use the Poetry package manager. Dependencies will be detected from both pyproject.toml
and poetry.lock manifest files. We will detect dependencies from existing manifest files over the next few weeks, or sooner if the manifest file is updated.

Learn more about dependency dependency graph

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