Since our last update, we’ve continued to improve the GitHub Issues beta to expand the capabilities of both project tables and boards. Here are some of the recent ships:

🌀 Iteration field type

Build tempo with our new field type – iteration. With iterations you’ll find it easy to keep everyone aligned on what’s in progress and make jobs like cycle planning a breeze.

Designed to take the manual pain away from creating new iterations every week, iterations are a smooth and streamlined experience.

  • Create a new field, and select the iteration type. Here you can pick the start date and length of the iteration.
  • Hit save and create, and we will auto add 3 instances of the iteration to get you started.
  • Easily create more in the settings screen.
  • Filter, sort, and group by just like you would any other field.

iteration field

✋ Granular permissions

Project access you control. With our new manage access tab it’s easy to set up the right permissions for your project.

  • Select a base role for your organization – admin, write, read or no access.
  • Manage individual access for collaborators.
  • Support for teams and external collaborators coming soon.permissions

    ✨ Bug fixes & improvements

  • We reduced the number of confirmation toasts to help keep you in the zone.
  • Updated icons for draft and closed PRs.
  • Fixed an edge case where the issue suggester could include the issue you just added, which would result in an error.
  • Cards in the board are no longer selected when performing a meta+click on the title.
  • Bug fix where the e and del shortcuts in the board layout we overriding the repo picking during convert to issue.
  • In the table layout, you can now hide a column that has a group by applied.
  • Previously a new project needed items added before you could add columns – now you can start with columns or items.

See how to use GitHub for project planning on the GitHub Issues page and learn more in the FAQ.