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Fixed-width font support in Markdown-enabled fields

You can now choose to use a fixed-width font in Markdown-enabled fields, like issue comments and pull request descriptions. Currently these fields use a variable-width font, which can make it difficult to edit advanced Markdown structures like tables and code snippets.

To enable, go to your appearance settings and toggle on Use a fixed-width (monospace) font when editing Markdown in the “Markdown editor font preference” section.


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We added support to receive notifications for updates from releases, branches, and repositories in the GitHub app in Microsoft Teams.

You can now subscribe to your repository in your Microsoft Teams channel or Personal chat and get notified when

  1. A new release is published from a repository.
  2. A branch is created/deleted.
  3. Your repository is made public or you delete your repo.

We have also added guidance steps when you face errors with SAML authorization of your GitHub organizations in Teams.

For more information, visit the GitHub app for Microsoft Teams.

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Managing self-hosted runners within an enterprise no longer requires personal access tokens with the admin:enterprise scope. Tighten down the permissions on your token by using the manage_runners:enterprise scope instead. A token with this scope can be used to authenticate to use many endpoints to manage your enterprise's self-hosted runners.

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