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npm: CouchDB upgrade will reset sequence number

The npm registry will upgrade its public CouchDB instance on September 15, 2021. As part of this upgrade, we will promote a new CouchDB replica to become our new public CouchDB instance, This upgrade will reset the CouchDB sequence number.

If you are not familiar with CouchDB replication, then you will not be impacted by this change. In particular, users running npm install or running other commands using the npm CLI will not be affected by this change.

If you replicate our public CouchDB or have an application that is following it, then you may be impacted:

  • If you are replicating the npm database using CouchDB then you may see a replication delay while your follower re-synchronizes, but you do not need to take any other action.

  • If you have custom tools that query npm's databases using the CouchDB Replication Protocol then you should ensure that you do not assume that sequence numbers are monotonically increasing, and that your custom replica correctly treats the sequence number as an opaque blob.

You can now use setup-node action to cache dependencies for projects with monorepo and pnpm package manager. Use the optional cache-dependency-path field to specify the path to dependency file(s).

- uses: actions/checkout@v2
- uses: actions/setup-node@v2
    node-version: 14
    cache: npm
    cache-dependency-path: 'sub-project/package-lock.json'

For questions, visit the setup-node repository and GitHub Actions community.

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Deployment review notifications for your GitHub Actions environments can now be tracked end-to-end using the GitHub app for Microsoft Teams or Slack. You will be notified when a review is pending on your environment, when an approval is completed and you can see the real time status of your deployment.

The following capabilities have been added to our Microsoft Teams and Slack applications:

  1. Deployment review pending notifications for your environments being deployed through GitHub Actions workflow.
  2. Deployment review completed notifications for your environments being deployed through GitHub Actions workflow.
  3. Deployment status notifications for your environments.

For more information visit the GitHub app guidance for Microsoft Teams or for Slack

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