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Code scanning CodeQL: C++20 support (beta)

Code scanning with CodeQL now includes beta support for C++20. Currently, CodeQL can only create CodeQL databases for C++20 code that is built with GCC on Linux. C++20 modules are not supported.

This feature is in beta. We are working on adding full support for C++20.

Let us know what you think: give feedback.

GitHub Packages Container registry,, is now generally available! Container registry provides the best developer experience for publishing, managing, and consuming containers on GitHub. For more information, check out the Container registry general availability blog post.

Learn more about GitHub Container registry

For questions, visit the GitHub Packages community

To see what's next for Packages, visit our public roadmap

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Unless a specific time is provided, Dependabot version updates run at 5AM UTC daily, weekly, or monthly; however, this results in large usage spikes that slow down updates for everyone.

Starting today, we no longer schedule unspecified updates at the same time. Instead, each repository is assigned a time at random, and all updates in that repository will start at that time. If you want to specify a different time for updates to begin, you can use the schedule.time and schedule.timezone properties on each update.

As an example, this config resets the /frontend/package.json to run at 5AM UTC, while specifying /backend/package.json to run at 13:30 Pacific:

- package-ecosystem: "npm"
  directory: "/frontend"
    interval: "daily"
    time: "05:00"
    timezone: "UTC"
- package-ecosystem: "npm"
  directory: "/backend"
    interval: "daily"
    time: "13:30"
    timezone: "America/Los_Angeles"

Learn more about configuring schedules for Dependabot version updates.

To see what's next for Dependabot, visit the public roadmap.

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