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Tutorials, guides, and documentation updates for Codespaces

We recently launched new and improved content for Codespaces. We heard from our beta testers that they wanted more task-focused documentation, more information on the benefits of Codespaces, and more specific examples on how to use it. We've restructured the content to make it easier for you to discover and added the following sections:

Dependabot version updates now have the ability to ignore major, minor, or patch updates for a specific dependency or set of dependencies. For instance, you can use this feature to quiet noisy dependencies or easily avoid major version bumps across multiple dependencies.

You can ignore semver updates by modifying the ignore configuration option to ignore one or more update-types:

version: 2
  - package-ecosystem: "npm"
    directory: "/"
      interval: "daily"
      # ignore all GitHub linguist patch updates
      - dependency-name: "github-linguist"
        update-types: ["version-update:semver-patch"]

Note: this feature only applies to version updates. If you have security updates enabled, you will still get pull requests updating you to the minimum patched version.

Learn more about Dependabot ignore conditions.

To see what's next for Dependabot, visit the public roadmap.

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Starting June 16 2021, GitHub-hosted Ubuntu runners will only contain the latest patch release for each supported version of the .NET SDK.

You will not be affected if you use setup-dotnet action. However, If you use a global.json file with a rollForward: disable property, your workflow will fail. To continue using .NET SDK, change your workflow to use setup-dotnet action or use some other value for rollForward property.

The setup-dotnet action is the recommended way of using .NET with GitHub Actions because it ensures consistent behavior for your workflow runs and allows you specify exactly which version your code needs. For more information please see the GitHub Actions documentation and subscribe to the announcement in the actions/virtual-environments repository.

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