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GitHub CLI 1.9 enables you to work with GitHub Actions from your terminal

GitHub CLI 1.9 allows you to work with GitHub Actions in your terminal:

  • List and view workflows and runs with gh workflow list, gh workflow view, gh run list, and gh run view
  • View the logs for a particular run with gh run view --log
  • View the logs for runs with jobs that failed with gh run view --log-failed
  • Download run artifacts with gh run download
  • Re-run runs with failed jobs using gh run rerun
  • Watch runs in progress using gh run watch
  • Trigger workflows with the workflow_dispatch event using gh workflow run
  • Enable and disable workflows with gh workflow enable and gh workflow disable

Learn more about GitHub CLI and check out the blog post to learn more about this release.

Dark and dark dimmed themes are now generally available to all and GitHub Enterprise Cloud users. The updated appearance settings included in this release are designed to give you more control over your theme preferences. Select Single theme or Sync to system to customize the themes that are active during day and night. GitHub will now default to match system preferences when a user is logged out, or when a user is logged in and theme preferences have not yet been set. Manage your theme settings in the "Appearance" tab located in your profile settings.

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