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GitHub Pages can now automatically secure the www variant of your custom domain

When configuring a custom domain for your GitHub Pages site, we will now automatically request a certificate for both the Apex and www subdomain of that custom domain if DNS is configured appropriately. As part of this, we've also moved the GitHub Pages settings to their own dedicated tab and refreshed the setup flow to help you get everything set up with ease.

Screenshot of new settings page

If you don't want to use both domains with GitHub Pages, we'll continue requesting a certificate for only the specific domain you configure. Custom domains that use a subdomain other than www are not affected by this change.

Learn more about custom domains in GitHub Pages.

You can now link discussions to new releases!

When drafting a new release, check the Create a discussion for this release box, choose a category, and publish. Your community will be able to react and comment on the release notes, giving projects more opportunities to celebrate and receive feedback. Release discussions are also available natively on GitHub Mobile.

enable discussion creation on a release

For more information, see GitHub Discussions, GitHub Releases and GitHub Mobile documentation.

For questions or feedback, join the conversation in GitHub Product Feedback.

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