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Advanced Security committer reporting

GitHub Advanced Security customers can now view their active committer count for any Advanced Security enabled repositories on their organization or enterprise account's Billing page. These changes help billing administrators track their usage against how many committer licenses they purchased.

Screen shot of new billing experiences on the organization

For more information see Managing use of Advanced Security for organizations in your enterprise account

You can now limit which branches can deploy to an environment using Environment protection rules.

When a job tries to deploy to an environment with Deployment branches configured Actions will check the value of github.ref against the configuration and if it does not match the job will fail and the run will stop.

The Deployment branches rule can be configured to allow:

  1. All branches – Any branch in the repository can deploy

  2. Protected branches – Only branches with protection rules

  3. Selected branches – Branches matching a set of name patterns

    Configure Deployment branches

Learn more about Environment protection rules

For questions, visit the GitHub Actions community

To see what's next for Actions, visit our public roadmap

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GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0 is now generally available.

Launched earlier this year as a release candidate, Enterprise Server 3.0 enables companies hosting GitHub themselves to securely take ideas from code to production without leaving the platform. It contains the biggest ever change to the functionality in GitHub Enterprise Server, including GitHub Actions, Packages, Advanced Security and support for the GitHub iOS and Android mobile apps. Learn more about all of the features included in the 3.0 release announcement on the GitHub Blog.

Over two release candidates, we have listened to and incorporated your feedback to improve GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0. Based on your feedback, we have addressed friction in user journeys and improved the stability, reliability, and scalability of the product. Additionally we have updated our documentation, so it’s easier for you to get started with Enterprise Server 3.0 and start using the newest features.

Learn more in the release notes and download to get started now.

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