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GitHub Sponsors is now available in Bulgaria and Romania

You can now sign up for Sponsors if you have a bank account and tax residence in Bulgaria, Romania or any of the other regions where Sponsors is available.

Not in a supported region? Get on the waitlist. You’ll also receive tips, updates, and news about availability in new countries, including your own.

The npm registry will now display a link to the TypeScript type definitions for a package when those definitions exist in a separate package. If a package has a corresponding DefinitelyTyped package, an icon will link to that package that contains the definitions.

Package with DefinitelyTyped type definitions

This change will help developers know which packages have TypeScript type definitions available.

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Dependency review beta

Dependency review helps reviewers and contributors understand dependency changes and their security impact at every pull request. It provides an easy to understand view of dependency changes with a rich diff on the Files Changed tab of a pull request. Dependency review informs you of which dependencies were added, removed, or updated, along with the release dates, how many projects use these components and vulnerability information for these dependencies.

Dependency review beta is now available for all public repositories and part of GitHub Advanced Security for private repositories.

Open Dependency Review For Package Manifest

Learn more about reviewing dependency changes in a pull request

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