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GitHub Actions: Workflow visualization

GitHub Actions can now generate a visual graph of your workflow on every run. With workflow visualization, you can

  • view and understand complex workflows
  • track progress of workflows in real-time
  • troubleshoot runs quickly by easily accessing logs and jobs metadata
  • monitor progress of deployment jobs and easily access deployment targets

Workflow visualization for GitHub Actions is now available in a public beta. To view a visual graph of your workflow, simply navigate to the workflow home page and select the run for which you will like to see the graph.

graph example of a workflow run

For questions, visit the GitHub Actions community

To see what's next for Actions, visit our public roadmap

GitHub Discussions is now available as a public beta, providing you with a dedicated space for your community to ask and answer questions, and have conversations that are separate from issues in your repository.

Discussions work a lot like issues. However, with discussions you can also:

  • Mark questions with an answer
  • Convert issues into discussions
  • Categorize discussions – fully customizable
  • Have threaded conversations
  • Pin up to 4 discussions

We will continue adding more functionality based on your feedback, including adding Discussions to GitHub for mobile as a beta.

If you are an admin or maintainer of a public repository you can enable Discussions via repository settings for your community today!

Learn more about Discussions

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Companies can now invest in open source with GitHub Sponsors!

  • We’re launching GitHub Sponsors for companies in beta on December 8 (Tuesday) at Universe.
  • Self-service (payment via credit card or PayPal) orgs can sign up right away. During the beta, companies with invoiced accounts are not yet supported but can join a waitlist for updates.
  • Companies will be charged a 10% fee after the beta. We’re waiving the fee during the beta to thank early adopters for getting the program jump-started. After the beta, we will charge sponsors a 10% fee on top of the sponsorship amount to cover our operational costs.
  • We’ve added more discoverability with an improved Explore page.

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