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New languages for GitHub for mobile

Starting today, GitHub for mobile is available in Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

Now more developers can organize tasks, give feedback and respond to issues, and review and merge pull requests, on the go – in their language of their choice. GitHub for mobile is available to download from Google Play and the App Store.

You can now run CodeQL analysis in any CI/CD setup and upload the results to GitHub code scanning.

Previously, the code scanning beta required users to run their CodeQL analysis using GitHub Actions. Now, for organizations who wish to adopt code scanning without using Actions, we have released the new CodeQL runner. The runner makes it easy to run CodeQL analysis from any CI/CD system and upload the results to GitHub for display as code scanning alerts.

Learn more about running code scanning in your CI system

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You can now use images from private registries in job and service containers.

Job and Service containers in GitHub Actions allow you to containerize your CI environment and make databases, caches, or other services available to your tests. Previously those containers had to come from a public container registry which limited the usefulness for some customers. Additionally, we had numerous requests from the GitHub community forums for private registry support.

Here’s an example of using private images from Docker Hub and GitHub Container Registry:

      image: octocat/ci-image:latest
        username: mona
        password: ${{ secrets.docker_hub_password}}
          username: ${{ github.repository_owner }}
          password: ${{ secrets.ghcr_password }}

For questions, visit the GitHub Actions community forum.

To see what’s next for GitHub Actions, visit our public roadmap.

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