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Design updates to repositories and GitHub UI

creenshot of GitHub repository page with new layout

Today we’ve launched a refresh to the design of GitHub UI, and layout changes to your repository homepage. We hope these changes improve your experience visiting and maintaining repositories, and using GitHub in general. Along with visual design changes, you’ll see the the following updates to your repository homepage:

  • Responsive layout and improved mobile web experience
  • More content surfaced via the repository sidebar
  • Ability to show or hide Releases, Packages, and Environments in your repository sidebar

These changes lay the foundation for future incremental improvements that will better surface your projects, the people who make them extraordinary, accessibility, and yes, dark mode.

Since our acquisition of Dependabot last year, we’ve been building its functionality directly into GitHub. This includes two main features:

  • Dependabot security updates are automated pull requests that help you update dependencies with known vulnerabilities. These have been available in all repositories since November 2019, and you’ve shown us just how important these security patches are by merging more than 776,000 security update pull requests.
  • Dependabot version updates are automated pull requests that keep your dependencies updated, even when they don’t have any vulnerabilities. These are available in beta now.

Check out the full blog post to learn more.

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