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GitHub Actions: Proxy Support for Self-Hosted Runners

Self-Hosted Runners now fully support environments that use a proxy server to connect to GitHub. You can add your proxy server as a Runner setting and leverage common Unix-style proxy environment variables like no_proxy exclusion lists.

Additionally, Actions built using the toolkit will now follow your proxy settings. This includes the common Actions included at

Learn more about using self-hosted runners behind a proxy here.

GitHub CLI is now in beta

GitHub CLI, now in beta, is a command line tool that enables you to work more seamlessly with your GitHub repositories right from your command line.

You can:

  • Create pull requests fully within your terminal or preview them on the web before submitting
  • Filter lists of a repository’s pull requests and issues to give you the information you need
  • View a snapshot of a repository’s pull requests and issues that are most relevant to you
  • Easily checkout pull request branches locally with one command
  • Quickly view issues and pull requests in the browser

We plan to add much more functionality and we’re eager to hear your feedback.

Learn more and check out the manual for more things you can do with GitHub CLI.

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