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2FA lockout recovery workflow

If you have lost your 2FA credentials and do not have your recovery codes, you can use the new account recovery workflow to attempt regaining access to your account. You must verify your account with a one-time password and then you will be walked through potential recovery options for our Support team to review and approve.

Learn more about regaining account access when you lose 2FA credentials

IP allow lists public beta

IP allow lists are available in public beta for GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers – allowing enterprise and organization owners to limit access to enterprise assets to an allowed set of source IPs. All authorization credential types, including personal access tokens and SSH keys, are filtered by IP allow lists for all users and roles with access to enterprise organizations.

Learn more about IP allow lists

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As a repository administrator you can now allow community members to report disruptive content to project maintainers for review and moderation.

Once enabled in the “reported content” section of your repository settings, organization members, repository collaborators, and prior contributors will see a “report content” option in each comment’s drop-down menu.

For more information see moderating comments and conversationsmanaging reported content in your organization’s repository, and reporting a comment.

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